Big Marketing Meet Up Returns For A Day Of Marketing Inspiration

Stimulating, fascinating and fun event for marketers

Marketing professionals in Northern Ireland are in for a treat as the highly anticipated Big Marketing Meet Up returns on November 14 at W5 in Titanic Quarter. 

This one-day event promises to empower passionate marketers with fresh insights, interactive sessions, and expert knowledge. 

With a diverse lineup of 15 presenters, 10 key presentations, five bitesize sessions, and a special Lego serious play workshop, the event is set to be a stimulating day of marketing inspiration.

Founder of Big Marketing Meet-Up, Treena Clarke, said the success of this year’s meet-up in May proved there was a demand for an event that provided keynote speakers and serious discussion amongst professionals in a fun environment.

“The feedback from last May’s Big Marketing Meet-Up showed that there was so much enthusiasm for a programme that will deliver what marketers need,” she explained. “Our professional environment is changing so rapidly that it is clear everyone needs to stay up-to-date with the challenges and opportunities they present.”

Treena said that what was also apparent as she moved to prepare for the November programme was that mingling with fellow marketers was an important feature.

“However, we are also going to have some serious fun,” she said. “There will be a Lego Lounge where attendees will get the chance to experience what the iconic brick brand can inspire new levels of creativity.”

Announced as the first three speakers of this impressive lineup, are Peter Craven, Creative Director of Blue Sky Video Marketing, Niraj Kapur, Managing Director of Everybody Works In Sales, and Andi Jarvis, the founder of Eximo Marketing. 

Niraj will delve into the dynamics of introverts and extroverts communicating in marketing, sharing, “I’ll be talking about how relevant that is in business in 2023.

Peter Craven will offer insights into maximising the potential of video content: “We’re gonna be talking about how to make the absolute most out of video content that you produce.”

Andi Jarvis will challenge the notion that marketing is evolving at an unprecedented pace: “I don’t believe marketing is changing all that fast. If I’m honest, I’m not sure it’s changing all that much. A few things are, such as channels and delivery methods, but are the important things changing?”

The Big Marketing Meet-Up has been organised to make sure that it is balanced between presenters and the people delivering their programmes day and daily.

“Our presenters will bring national and international experience to bear on the issues of 2024 and beyond,” Treena said. “It is easy to be overwhelmed when technologies and practices seem to be evolving every week, but our speakers and attendees can ensure that this will be an event created by marketing professionals, for marketing professionals.

“It’s time for marketeers to take time out, learn and energise.”To find out more about the programme and to secure tickets, go to

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