Boost Sport Named Antrim Coast Half Marathon’s Official Hydration Partner

As part of its There’s a BOOST for That campaign, BOOST Sport has joined forces with the Antrim Coast Half Marathon to become the official hydration partner for the 2024 race. 

The race, which takes place on August 25th, will be broadcast on BBC iPlayer and via the Red button, and attract running stars from around the world, including Kenya’s Hillary Chekwony and Ethiopia’s Yalemzerf Yehualaw who will target her UK & Ireland All Comers Record. 

BOOST, whose sports drink range includes Orange, Raspberry and Mango, Mixed Berry, Tropical Berry and the new Limited Edition Watermelon and Lime flavours, are the perfect hydration solution to ensure runners can always perform at their best, explained Lucy Manby, Brand Manager, Boost Drinks. 

“BOOST’s isotonic sports drinks help to quickly replace key electrolytes and fluid lost through sweat when we run. So, by becoming the official hydration partner of the Antrim Coast Half Marathon we hope to keep the thousands of runners, from beginner to experienced, hydrated so that they can focus on performing at their best.”, said Lucy. 

Participants in the half marathon will have access to BOOST’s hydration stations along the course, ensuring they stay refreshed and fuelled from start to finish.

Lucy continued: “BOOST Sport is a drink for everyone, elite and beginner. We know that thousands of runners with little experience take part in the Antrim Coast Half Marathon, alongside elite runners, and we want you to know that BOOST Sport will be cheering for you all on August 25th.”

Taking place on the scenic Antrim Coast, the half marathon has quickly become one of the most anticipated running events in the UK and Ireland and the 2024 edition promises to be the most exhilarating yet.

Ruth McIlroy, Event Director of the Antrim Coast Half Marathon, said: “We are so proud to say that our hydration partner for the 2024 race is BOOST Sport. The BOOST Sport range is isotonic, so they are a smart way for runners to stay hydrated as they make their way around the stunning course.

“The Antrim Coast Half Marathon is committed to enhancing the experience of our runners. Partnering with BOOST Sport allows us to provide a crucial aspect of race day preparation and performance. We believe this collaboration will significantly benefit all participants and contribute to a successful and memorable event.”

Runners, spectators, and the entire local community can look forward to an unforgettable event on the stunning coastal route, hydrated by BOOST Sport. Mark your calendars for the Antrim Coast Half Marathon 2024 on August 25th and prepare for a day of exceptional athletic achievement and community spirit.

For more information about the Antrim Coast Half Marathon and to register, please visit To learn more about Boost Drinks and their product offerings, visit

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