Businesses Should Prioritise Employee Mental & Emotional Health In 2024 Says Healthy Mind Coach

The start of the new year can be the perfect opportunity for businesses to prioritise the mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees.

New Year resolutions are in full swing for many individuals who are choosing to take up new hobbies and concentrate on their emotional and physical wellbeing this year. 

Sam Barr of Healthy Mind Coaching & Training said it’s time for businesses to reflect on the past year and choose to put the needs of their employees first. 

He explained: “It is essential that businesses put their employees’ mental health & wellbeing first this year. Looking after the workforce has so many benefits for businesses and the individuals that make up the company.

“This time of year can bring a new lease of life to the workplace. After a season of rest and relaxation, work anxieties and tensions subside. Encouraging an atmosphere of positive energy in the workplace will allow staff the freedom to work with less stress. Businesses really need to consider how well they support employee emotional & mental wellbeing.”

“If businesses acknowledge the importance of their employee emotional & mental wellbeing they will see multiple benefits.”

Healthy Mind Coaching offers a range of CBT and Positive Psychology based services for individuals and staff members. Sam also offers workplace wellness & wellbeing workshops, empowering staff with strategies to foster positive mental health and emotional resilience. Most popular with businesses and organisations are his workshop sessions and 1-2-1s on specific mental health issues like stress management, anxiety, bullying and promoting a healthy work environment.

Speaking of the benefits to businesses, Sam said: “Acknowledging the value of employee mental and emotional wellbeing, which can reduce sickness absence and staff turnover. Often, when employees feel mentally overwhelmed they take a sick day. This will not improve in the long run unless their workplace is supportive of individual mental health & wellbeing needs.”

“Prioritising mental health & wellbeing can boost staff morale and engagement. When employees have improved mental health & emotional wellbeing they are more likely to talk positively about the care given, workplace, business, resulting in boosting the business’ reputation.”

To help businesses prioritise employees mental & emotional wellbeing here are Sam’s top tips: 

1. Mutual Trust & Respect

Sam said: “Mutual trust and respect in the workplace is essential for employee engagement. Staff abilities must be appreciated and valued. To convey trust and respect, encourage employees to work independently. When work is completed, express appreciation. If somebody has done a particularly impressive job make sure to publicly appreciate their achievement.”

2. Open Communication

“Encourage employees to seek mental health support when it is needed” said Sam, adding: “Remove the stigma surrounding mental health concerns by creating an honest and open dialogue. Raise awareness and promote discussion by encouraging one to one HR meetings to ensure staff are feeling listened to.”

3. Work/Life Balance

“Express the importance of work/life balance by allowing employees to leave work in the workplace. Respect the boundaries of employees by not expecting them to work excessive overtime hours. Try not to contact them during their out of work hours. Encourage employees to keep up their hobbies by learning their interests and asking about their progress” said Sam.

4. Tackle Work Induced Stress

Sam explained: “Make work life more manageable for employees by reflecting on how the business needs to improve. Create manageable workloads for employees. Improve negative relationships and poor communication. 

“Consider how much support employees get from management. Those who fear job insecurity are more likely to have low job satisfaction. Try to reduce work induced stress for employees by reflecting over what the company can do to help.”

5. Consider Offering Employees a Mental Wellbeing Course

“If businesses feel overwhelmed by mental health concerns be it individual or company wide, consider attending a mental health workshop. This team building activity is invaluable to the productivity of staff and overall happiness” said Sam. 

6. Support Employees with Mental Health Problems

Sam believes businesses need to prove their sincerity in prioritising mental and emotional wellbeing. 

He said: “Establishing open communication with staff members and showing trust and respect is essential. Staff should work to develop a personal action plan, at this stage it might be important to refer them to support services.” 

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