Callout For Future Leaders On Arts Boards 2024

Aspiring board members are being invited to apply for Arts & Business NI’s Leaders on Arts Boards programme, a pioneering professional development and Board placement initiative, which is open to individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds who are interested in developing their leadership skills and taking up a new position on the board of a local arts organisation.

The programme which is supported by leading corporate law firm A&L Goodbody Northern Ireland LLP (ALG) attracts people from a diverse range of disciplines including finance, HR, legal and marketing. Participants are guided through training, led by industry experts, in all aspects of board governance, including the role of Trustees, insights into the arts and culture sector and strategies for successful governance. Through the initiative participants develop strategic leadership skills, meet likeminded people and gain experience of contributing to a board that matches their interests and expertise.

Aisling Byrne, Partner at ALG, said:  “We are proud to continue our support of Arts & Business NI and what we see as exceptionally important professional development programme.

“As a leading corporate law firm, we work closely alongside boards everyday across the private, public and third sectors and advocate strongly for their strategic and fiduciary importance in corporate governance. It is imperative, therefore, that we invest today in developing a strong pipeline of talent with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to lead and drive tomorrow’s boards.

“As an employer of over 140 lawyers and business support professionals in Northern Ireland, we recognise the significant value for both the employee and employer of investing in professional development and have every confidence that the outstanding Leaders on Arts Boards programme will continue to be of huge benefit to all involved.”

Benefits of participating in the Leaders on Arts Boards programme include:

  • Leadership and Skills Development: Participants will gain practical experience in board governance, strategic decision-making, and leadership, enhancing their skills as effective leaders in the arts sector and beyond.
  • Networking Opportunities:Participants will have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, mentors, and peers, building valuable relationships and expanding their networks.
  • Supporting Arts and Culture:By joining the board of an arts organisation, participants will play a direct role in shaping the direction and impact of cultural organisations, contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of the arts landscape in Northern Ireland.

Maeve McKervey, Head of Business at Arts & Business NI commented: “We’ve been guiding aspiring board members for over 35 years through our successful training and matching programme, working with leading local businesses to help develop their people. Being an arts charity trustee is a hugely rewarding experience, it widens your horizons, introduces you to new networks, develops your professional skills and adds a new string to your bow. We empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to the creative landscape in NI and in doing so, become catalysts for positive change.”

Applications for the Leaders on Arts Boards programme are open to people from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines. There are two programme tiers, one for Business Leaders with senior leadership experience and one for emerging Young Leaders which includes additional training sessions. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by 15 July 2024.

For more information about the Leaders on Arts Boards programme and to apply please visit

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