Footballing Legend Gerry Armstrong Launches Spirit Of 82 Whiskey

Iconic new whiskey celebrates Northern Ireland’s most iconic footballing moment

Northern Ireland footballing hero of the 1982 World Cup, Gerry Armstong has launched a limited edition whiskey, Spirit of 82 that celebrates that iconic moment when the team defied all the odds. 

Armstong struck the winning goal against the hosts, Spain, on June 25 and now he has produced a whiskey as a tribute to the dedication and passion displayed by our team during that extraordinary match.  

It was in the 47th minute against the favourites for the tournament in their own heartland of Valencia that Armstrong scored and the Northern Ireland team fought their way to hold on to the lead and etch their name into footballing history. 

Already Armstrong’s new blend is receiving plaudits from many quarters, including those close to home. 

“The whisky process takes years but when people started drinking it their reactions were fantastic and very complimentary,” the Belfast man explained. 

“My father is an expert in whiskey drinking and said it was very smooth and easy to drink and reminded him of one of his favourite well known Irish brands.” 

The number nine of Northern Ireland on that special night said he worked with the right people to develop Spirit of 82, and make sure that he had a whiskey he was proud to bear his name. 

“After speaking with my good friend Peter Lavery I thought I must make a whiskey of my own choice and he helped me to select the type of whiskey I like” he said. 

“We went through the tasting procedures and eliminated the whiskey we didn’t think was good enough until we came up with the Spirit of 82. 

“All in all it was a fantastic process, it’s not easy to bring a whiskey to market but I have loved every step of the journey. 

“Having the right people around you to help and advise is very important and I’m delighted that Spirit of 82 has a fantastic team behind the scenes looking after it all.”

Businessman Peter Lavery, consulted on the entire project to craft the Spirit of 82 expression.  

“I was honoured to work alongside Gerry on this project,” he said. 

“He’s a Northern Ireland legend and a man I’m proud to call a friend.

“Spirit of 82 is the perfect celebration of him, the history and the whole spirit of Northern Ireland.”

Armstrong’s wife Deborah came up with the name of the whiskey, which matches the thoughts and memories of every football fan, whether those that travelled to cheer on Northern Ireland, or where glued to television sets across the country.

Tasting notes for the Spirit of 82 reveal what is in store for whiskey connoisseurs. Its nose is a blend of creamy honey nut and delicate floral hints. On the palate, there is soft vanilla, green apple, and a touch of allspice. The finish is warming, with a medium length and lingering spice.

Lavery said: “Each sip is a taste of dedication and passion, taking you on a journey back to the spirit of 1982.”

Amstrong was already a notable club player at Watford but it was on the international stage, however, where he etched his name into football folklore. He represented Northern Ireland with passion and pride, donning the green jersey and showcasing his talent on the world stage. The pinnacle of his international career came in the summer of 1982 at the FIFA World Cup held in Spain. Northern Ireland entered the 1982 World Cup as underdogs, facing formidable opponents in the group stage.

Armstrong’s heroics began in the opening match against Yugoslavia, where the team secured a 0-0 draw. They then went on to draw 1-1 with Honduras thanks to Armstrong’s first half goal. However, it was in the following match against the host nation, Spain, that Armstrong would write his name in the annals of football history. 

In one of the most thrilling encounters of the tournament and the World Cup’s legacy, Northern Ireland faced Spain in Valencia.

The odds were stacked against them as they faced a Spanish team brimming with talent and backed by a passionate home crowd. But Armstrong and his teammates were undaunted. As the match reached its climax, with the score level at 0-0, Gerry Armstrong seized a golden opportunity. 

In the 47th minute, he pounced on a defensive mistake and buried the ball into the back of the net, putting Northern Ireland ahead at 1-0. The stadium fell silent as Armstrong celebrated his historic goal, and his teammates rallied to defend their lead. 

The final whistle marked a historic triumph for Northern Ireland and a moment of pure jubilation for Armstrong and his compatriots. Their victory over Spain was not just a football match; it was a testament to the indomitable spirit of a small nation that dared to dream.

Armstrong’s goal against Spain became an iconic moment, not only for Northern Ireland but for football fans around the world. It was the second time the team has managed in their history to make the World Cup quarter finals. It has since become a symbol of the underdog’s triumph, a reminder that passion and determination could overcome the greatest of challenges. 

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