Influential Mental Health Charity To Attend Motorcycle Plus Show

Biking community flooded with support from wellbeing team

The Motorcycle Plus Show is returning in 2023 after a four year hiatus, bringing with it a diverse range of events, attractions and organisations to the Eikon Centre in Lisburn.

Hosted by 360 Events, the weekend extravaganza spans from February 4-5 and is sure to be filled with many different points of interest inside the arena relating to motorcycle racing and beyond.

One of the groups that are set to be present at the two-day event is Mental Health Motorbike, a charity focused on creating meaningful opportunities to grow the well-being of the Motorbike community and ultimately reduce the number of bikers in the UK committing suicide. 

They also actively try to improve the wellbeing of bikers and provide a network where individuals can support each other and connect through their shared hobbies, interests and passions.

Ashley Knowles, Mental Health Motorbike Ambassador, will be present at the event and can be found amongst the people walking the grounds of the site during both days.

He explained: “One in four adults in the UK have been diagnosed with mental health illnesses and 75% of these receive no treatment. Suicide is the most common cause of death of men aged 20-49 and 75% of all suicides are males.

“The biker community are a high risk group receiving very little or no formal support our charity aims to address this.”

He will be networking on behalf of the charity, providing an insight into what they do, how people can get involved and offering any help to individuals who might need it at the time.

“We offer free online support through a members only peer group on Facebook, attend 100+ activities across the UK throughout the year and we also train people associated with the bike community in Mental Health First Aid through an accredited course run by MHFA England.” said Ashley.

More information can be found on their website and social media channels, with contact information found online too.

For anyone who doesn’t get a chance to meet Ashley in-person at the event, their site features a handy form to get in touch with the team and discuss any topics you would like to.

The Motorcycle Plus Show is committed to engaging with the rider community and all members involved as well as wishing to provide a safe experience for everyone to openly discuss mental health.

The Motorcycle Plus Show will take place at Eikon Centre in Lisburn on February 4-5, 2023. For tickets go to

To find out more information about Mental Health Motorbikes go to

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