Izon Pioneering Asset Management Solutions Reducing Energy Costs

As companies struggle to manage their energy costs data solution experts Izon has developed unique systems to better understand how to reduce costs and improve returns on investment.

The Belfast-based tech firm has software that helps monitor, manage, and control assets that support businesses in turning information into knowledge which is actionable to produce real time asset management.

Izon’s Sales Manager, Stuart Lunn, explained that the use of energy is inevitable in the modern economy, but the impact it has on costs and the environment.

“Energy consumption is something businesses and organisations are mindful of,” he said. “In fact, any business that seriously wants to achieve a reduction in their carbon footprint needs to dedicate themselves to an energy management plan.

“A company can vow to reduce its carbon footprint, but if it doesn’t know where it’s wasting electricity or fuel, how can meaningful changes be made? It’s as the saying goes: you cannot improve what you do not measure.”

However, the amount of data can overwhelm, resulting in meaningless numbers and facts that are difficult to interpret.

“You need helpful, actionable data,” said Mr Lunn. “This is something Izon recognised, and we’ve built an energy management platform that does all the hard work for businesses. We turn live data into information that actually helps you make quick decisions.”

The Izon asset management platform provides users with useful, real-time data at a glance. Data from all assets is localised on one platform, on a single screen, making asset monitoring and energy management easier than it’s ever been.

The Izon asset management platform doesn’t discriminate. No matter how big or small the assets, whether it’s an office’s HVAC system or an entire farm of wind turbines, Izon gathers all the data in one place.

“The beauty of the Izon platform is that it’s completely customisable — making it a tool that can be used by any business, no matter the industry or sector,” explained Mr Lunn. “Izon users can build a dashboard that works for them, a centralised location that showcases data tailored to business needs.”

“It is an asset management solution that caters to their specific business needs. Izon works to understand its clients. We learn what businesses do and how they operate in order to build them a platform that shows them the information they actually need.” 

Izon believes that the driver for using actionable information is driven by results and the fact that the Izon platform makes immediate action possible, enabling businesses to be at the forefront of the battle against climate change, leading the pack.

“Insight provides the foundations for action, helping businesses and organisations to drive change in their respective industries,” said Mr Lunn. “You can’t change what you don’t know.

It’s time to take that first step towards knowing where your business is unsustainable, limiting energy waste, and reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.

“We know the sustainability journey can seem daunting, and how you traverse this is far from clear. We are always open to help advise, and show the possibilities that are open to you, which extend far beyond simple regulatory compliance.”

For more information about Izon or to request a demo of what can be achieved go to www.getizon.com

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