Lidl Northern Ireland Launches Its Biggest Ever Japanese Food Range

Lidl Northern Ireland announces the launch of its biggest ever ‘Vitasia’ food range, this time bringing an authentic taste of Japan to Lidl Northern Ireland stores throughout the region available from Thursday 11th July while stocks last.

As part of the retailer’s ‘Taste of the World’ offering, which gives customers an opportunity to experience high-quality, diverse, and affordable food options from around the globe, this exciting new food range features a wide variety of authentic Japanese dishes, snacks, desserts and beverages, with prices starting at just £0.59.

The expanded range features more than 60 products including traditional Japanese staples such as sushi, ginger and a diverse range of rice and noodles, as well as exciting new tastes of the orient, from Japanese macarons and matcha tea to a selection of fresh sushi platters made by Japanese food specialists on the island of Ireland.

Whether you are an experienced cook or a curious food enthusiast, Lidl Northern Ireland invites customers to explore their new limited edition Japanese range and discover the delicious flavours of Japanese cuisine, with something to excite every palate.

Sushi Selection

When it comes to sushi, there are endless possibilities to the ingredients and presentation. From Thursday 11th July, Lidl Northern Ireland will have everything you need to create your own collaboration of delicious flavours. If you’re new to sushi making, the Sushi Kit (£5.49) with a bamboo rolling mat, two pairs of chopsticks and a step-by-step recipe card gives you the tools to get started. Alongside Nori Sheets (£1.19), Sushi Rice (£2.19), Rice Vinegar (£1.49) and whatever fresh ingredients you want to put inside, Lidl Northern Ireland has the whole collection to become your very own sushi chef.

Alternatively, if you want to acquaint yourself with the flavours without the fuss, Lidl Northern Ireland is offering a diverse range of Fresh Sushi Platters (£9.99), hand prepared by Japanese food specialists, Oishii Sushi.

Japanese Side Dishes and Street Food

Dine in Japan from the comfort of your home by embodying the Japanese cuisine of enjoying several main and side dishes at dinner time, showcasing a collaboration of meats, vegetables, noodles and rice to create a balanced and filling meal.

With Lidl Northern Ireland’s Japanese food range, you can enjoy a range of Gyozas (from £2.99), side dishes and explore flavours such as umami – one of the core Japanese tastes, “savouriness” which is often prominent in their broths and soups, including Miso soup. With Lidl Northern Ireland’s Miso Paste (£1.99) available in both white and dark, you can mix it up and have a taste of Japanese umami at home.

The retailer will also be offering a variety of prawns including Surimi Prawns (£2.99) and a range of Fish Tapas (£2.69) as well as experiencing the feeling of a summer festival or “matsuri” with street food style Yakitori Chicken Skewers (£1.89).

Snacks and Desserts

Another core Japanese flavour, “amai” or sweet, delivers delectable desserts in all shapes and sizes. One such fluffy feature is mochi. Made from sweet glutinous rice that is soaked, steamed, and pounded into dough, mochi comes in a diverse range of colours and flavours and is even used to create ice-cream. From Thursday 11th July, Lidl Northern Ireland will stock a delicious range of mochi dessert from sweet Lime and Yuzu Sorbet Mochi (£3.09) to more savoury Black Sesame Ice Cream Mochi (£3.09).

The retailer will also stock a range of refreshing Matcha Green Tea (£1.99) and Yuzu Dessert (£2.29) – a delightfully zesty and refreshing dessert with parts tangy and sweet to enjoy on a sunny summer evening.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Vitasia Japanese Style ‘Taste of the World’ food range will be available in all 41 stores throughout the region from Thursday 11th July, while stocks last. For more information and to view the latest instore offers, please visit

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