Local Entrepreneurs To Share Their Journey & Expertise At Mums At Work Elevate Your Business Event 

A whole host of local entrepreneurs are set to take to the stage at the Mums At Work Elevate Your Business event later this month.

Sandra Miskimmin of SMASH Worldwide and Tina Calder of Excalibur Press will be delivering talks throughout the day while Stefany Watson from Digital Ghost NI and Maria McLaughlin and Roisin McAteer from Admin Answers NI will join a panel of businesswomen hosted by Emma Weaver of Mental Wealth International.

Mums At Work, a Community Interest Company focused on empowering women in business, is thrilled to unveil new three speakers for their upcoming Elevate Your Business event happening later this month.

Taking place on Monday, March 25th, at the Tullyglass Hotel in Ballymena the Elevate Your Business event aims to uphold the vision of its late founder, Sinead Norton, by providing a supportive and nurturing environment for women in all areas of business.

Sandra Miskimmin is the founder of SMASH Worldwide (Sandra Miskimmin’s Alternative Solutions for Health), which aims to help women who are suffering with health and weight concerns. 

Having lived with chronic back pain, numerous conditions and being classed as clinically obese in 2013, Sandra undertook a dramatic change to her lifestyle and health and turned her life around. As a result of this, she went back to school and retrained in nutrition, weight management, naturopathy and behavioural change. 

She is passionate about educating women on how to implement easy strategies into their lives so they and their families can live a healthier life in the long run.

Her talk, titled “Hormone Harmony to Maximise your Personal and Professional Goals” will empower women to embrace their hormones rather than fear them. It will help women to understand how each of the hormones respond in their body and more importantly, how to use their hormones to their advantage. 

When women work with their hormones, rather than against them, it opens up a whole new world of opportunity. When this happens, women will become more successful in their personal, physical, and professional life. 

Sandra said: “When I first joined the network, I was terrified of going to networking events. However, the community is so welcoming, that I grew to look forward to going to them and now embrace them.

“MAW has given me the confidence to network and perfect my 60 second introduction so I can now do it anywhere with ease. I highly recommend this network to any woman who is thinking about joining it.”

Tina Calder, founder and chief vision officer of Excalibur Press began her career in journalism. In more recent years, she has become an expert in sales conversion, copywriting, thought leadership, brand storytelling, and content and marketing strategy, as well as being a trainer and speaker.

Tina uses her own unique and creative approach to stimulate innovative thinking and idea creation which goes beyond the traditional corporate constraints while keeping a focus on strategic objectives.

In her talk, ‘Building A Personal Brand: The Importance Of Standing Out From The Crowd’, she will be taking you on a whirlwind tour of the importance of building a personal brand and revealing her top tips, tricks and techniques for standing out and being memorable.

Along with examples from her own personal journey, Tina will outline the pitfalls and risks of raising your profile whilst demonstrating the opportunities and benefits of taking the leap into the public eye.

She said: “I hope that my talk will help businesswoman understand the importance of a personal brand and why it’s more important than ever before to consider how you present yourself to the world.

“Being authentic is a buzz phrase used so often these days that people forget what it really means, learning to be your authentic self whilst carrying a personal brand can often be a daunting experience.

“I hope attendees at the Mums At Work Elevate Your Business event will go away feeling much more confident about crafting and honing their personal brand.”

This year’s event will also include a panel discussion hosted by TEDX speaker and entrepreneur Emma Weaver of Mental Wealth International.

Taking to the panel are Stefany Watson from Digital Ghost NI and Maria McLaughlin and Roisin McAteer from Admin Answers NI.

Speaking of the session, Maria said: “I hope women who are attending can identify with our experiences of running and setting up in business as well as get some good hints/tips on being more organised in their business.”

During the panel attendees will get the opportunity to ask questions about how to move forward in their business, troubleshoot your processes or simply find out something they’ve been wanting to know about admin, marketing or digital.

According to Mums At Work Director Danielle Norton, Elevate Your Business is an opportunity for women to “exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another”.

She added: “The purpose of the Elevate Your Business events is for women to have a chance to meet other women who are looking to grow their businesses. 

“It is a welcoming and supportive environment for women to feel comfortable and gain confidence.  We hope the attendees will make new connections, receive referrals and increase their brand visibility. We also hope they leave feeling inspired and motivated by our speakers who will give valuable insight and tips on how to take your business to the next level.”

For more information, to book a ticket or a stand at the Elevate Your Business event on March 25th go to >> https://bit.ly/MAWelevatePress or search for the event on Eventbrite.

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