Make Yours A FAVOURIT Summer BBQ

The warmer weather is back which means that lovers of alfresco dining across Northern Ireland can finally fire up their barbecues. 

Tong wielding, marinade making barbecuers will be gearing up for a summer of grilling.  To ensure excellence and variety on everyone’s plates, Favourit herbs and spices, with the help of top NI chef, Ian Hunter, have put together some top barbecue tips for passionate cooks.

Ella Freeman, Brand Manager, Favourit, said: “Northern Ireland people love gathering their friends and family for lazy summer barbecues, our workplaces host them and the air at our public parks is regularly filled with the aromatic smells of sizzling meats when the weather is nice. We’re a nation of barbecue kings and queens.”

With age comes wisdom, Northern Ireland’s very own herbs and spices supplier, Favourit, which has been produced in Belfast for over 100 years, has a range of lip-smacking flavours and seasonings that will elevate your barbecue.

Ella said: “Favourit herbs and spices offer truly exceptional options that bring out the natural flavours of beef, pork, lamb, fish, vegetables, as well as being the perfect ingredients in numerous sweet and savoury treats. We hope our herbs and spices, handy hints and top tips will give your food the recognition it deserves this summer.”

Favourit together with head chef, Ian Hunter, from Belfast Cookery School, have some tips for the perfect plate of grilled food.

  • Marinades – 24hrs before the BBQ, marinade your meats, seafood and vegetables. This is for a couple of reasons but primarily for flavour and seasoning. With the addition of cider vinegar to the marinade, the acid starts to break down the protein, tenderising the meat and locking in moisture. My go to BBQ marinade is 1 tbl spoon of Favourit Onion Salt, Favourit BBQ Seasoning, dried dill, dried oregano, black pepper, honey and 350ml olive oil.
  • Flavoured salts – in a blender or mortar and pestle, add sea salt and herbs and spices of your personal choice! For example, Favourit Garlic Salt, Favourit Ground Ginger, Favourit Hot Chilli Powder, Favourit Cajun Seasoning, Favourit Smoked Paprika … the choice is endless and adds a final burst of flavour and seasoning to your meat, veg and seafood.
  • Basting – in a bowl of olive oil add sea salt, black pepper, pink peppercorns, Favourit Garlic Salt, Favourit Onion Salt, Favourit Thyme and Favourit Oregano, and a pinch of Favourit Smoked Paprika. Use this to brush and baste while you are grilling to add flavour and moisture to your meat, seafood and vegetables. If you want to take it a step further, tie bunches of fresh rosemary and thyme to a wooden spoon and use that as your basting brush.
  • Get an excellent ‘BARK’ to your meat – in a spray bottle add apple juice and flavourings of your choice 24hrs before the BBQ to let the flavours infuse. Just before and during the grilling liberally spray the steak or meat with the flavoured apple juice. The sugar content in the juice will caramelise and produce an amazing flavoursome crust to your steaks, meat and fish. For steaks I would recommend Favourit Thyme, Favourit Garlic Salt and Favourit BBQ Seasoning; and for seafood, Favourit Dill, lemon peel, Favourit Hot Chilli Powder.
  • Grill cleaning – don’t spend money on expensive and harmful chemicals! Whilst there is a little bit of heat left in the grill, cut a large onion in half, place on a fork and rub it across the grill. The acid in the onion will clean and remove any carbon from grilling. Also, if you do the same before cooking with a raw potato, the starch in the spud makes your grill nonstick – you’re welcome!

Ian Hunter, Belfast Cookery School, said: “Favourit herbs and spices are every home cook’s best friend as they allow you to dial up flavours from across the world, closer to home. Who doesn’t love a bit of heat from Favourit’s Cajun Seasoning and Crushed Chillies or the unmistakable Chinese 5 Spice, which really elevates chicken skewers in the best way possible. Don’t forget the classics from the Favourit range like Basil and Oregano as these flavours can enhance beef or lamb chops. With over 40 herbs, spices and seasonings to choose from I suggest you get creative this summer and treat your loved ones to a Favourit summer BBQ.”

Ella concluded: “Via our distribution partner, GM Marketing, we look forward to helping the whole country have a summer of memorable BBQ feasts.” 

For more information on Favourit, visit or call + 44 289 0267 080.

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