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One Week Left To Apply For This Year’s Boardroom Apprentice

There’s only one week left to apply for this year’s Boardroom Apprentice programme online via the official Boardroom Apprentice website.

All applications are to be submitted by 3pm on Monday June 19.

Now in its seventh year, the Boardroom Apprentice is a UK first 12-month unique board learning, development and placement programme which enables those who would like to serve on a public or third sector board to learn and gain experience through in-depth training and support.

Founded in 2017, the Boardroom Apprentice programme has helped 277 people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities from across Northern Ireland to begin their Boardroom journey.

Applications are open to those aged 16 or over from all backgrounds and abilities as the programme aims to enable a wider diversity of individuals to sit on boards and help move their board member role from aspiration to reality.

Helping Boardroom Apprentices feel supported is at the heart of the programme’s initiative, with 2022 Boardroom Apprentice Ciara Burch highlighting that her experience certainly matched with the scheme’s beliefs.

She said: “I was genuinely taken aback by the strength of the community that the Boardroom Apprentice programme has built and how supportive of an environment it all is. 

“I feel as though I could reach out to any of my fellow apprentices to gain support in my boardroom journey.”

Over a twelve-month window, Boardroom Apprentices will get practical board experience, a suite of learning days and support to fully equip them to serve on a board in the public or third sector after completing the programme.

Throughout the 12 months, candidates are required to take part in regular learning days on topics such as finance, governance along with a board placement on one of this year’s 51 Host Boards, matched by both Eileen and a selection of former apprentices.

The programme is keen to promote diversity, encouraging everyone to get involved regardless of your professional or personal background.

2022 Boardroom Apprentice Gillian Orr revealed the experience is for everyone and that she surprised herself by already having transferable skills that she later used whilst on the Nexus NI board. 

“I developed so many professional and personal skills over the course of the programme – from understanding finance better to governance, communication and effective questioning,” she said.

“But perhaps my biggest learning is that I do actually have the skills and experience to give and that having different opinions, insights and outlooks make for more effective board discussions.” 

For anyone still wondering whether they should apply, 2022 Boardroom Apprentice Harry Robinson urges anyone to simply “go for it”.

He said: “Taking part in Boardroom Apprentice has been the most engaging and rewarding programme that I’ve had the pleasure to take part in.”

This year’s programme will run from 01st September 2023 – until 31st August 2024.

Applications are now open, to apply go to

For more information on Boardroom Apprentice go to

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