Passengers Urged To Play It Safe On Public Transport This Summer

Translink is continuing to deliver it’s ‘Play It Safe’ campaign in partnership with the Irish FA and Ulster GAA to promote safe and responsible behaviour on and around public transport over the summer.

The ‘Play it Safe’ campaign uses a sporting theme to highlight important issues like treating everyone with respect, staying alert, avoiding risks, anti-social behaviour consequences and following safety advice so that everyone can enjoy safe and comfortable journeys.

It strives to ensure young people use public transport safely when taking part in the activities they love and enjoy and behave appropriately while travelling on and around Translink’s services and aims to showcase the positive values associated with playing sport and how being a team player should be attributed to everyday life and behaviours.

John Thompson, Translink’s Head of Safety and Corporate Responsibility, said: “Our services play a vital role in keeping everyone connected to family, friends, work, leisure and essential services.

“Safety is our top priority and I would ask everyone to ‘Play It Safe’ when it comes to using public transport this summer so everyone is safe, we can keep services operating and get people to where they need to be safely.

“Over the summer many more of us – and some who might not use public transport regularly – may be attending a concert, sporting event, festival or just heading for a day out on the bus or train so I would urge passengers to be aware of their surroundings and stay alert.”

Translink has highlighted a number of key areas where people should remain vigilant and is emphasising the very real dangers and repercussions of trespassing on tracks or using the railway as a shortcut.

  • People who use railway crossings are reminded to be vigilant at all times, pay attention to warning lights and signs and not get complacent.
  • Trains can be quiet at speed and may not always be heard until they are just metres away.
  • Zero emission buses and Glider services are relatively quiet so it’s important to stay vigilant when crossing the road.
  • Headphones and mobile phones can cause distraction when climbing stairs, escalators or getting on and off services so please be careful.
  • Always follow station safety procedures such as staying behind the yellow line on platforms.

John continued: “Safety is always our top priority and our vehicles and stations are fitted with CCTV for everyone’s safety and comfort with train conductors and our Glider and Metro inspectors also using body-worn cameras.

“We offer a reward of up to £1,000 for those who give evidence of trespass, vandalism or anti-social behaviour which leads to a successful conviction.

“There are serious implications for those who caught engaging in dangerous or anti-social behaviour including criminal convictions which can have long term consequences.”

The ‘Play it Safe’ campaign, which aligns with Translink’s ‘Better Connected’ strategy to connect people and communities as well as improve health and the environment, recently secured Best Public Sector Campaign and Best Use of Social and Digital Comms accolades at the PRCA Dare awards.

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