Paw-Some News: The Dog Paddock Opens In Castlereagh Hills

The Dog Paddock, based in East Belfast, is the newest secure canine exercise facility to open in Northern Ireland, offering exclusive use of two acres where dogs and their owners can run free.

Located at Ballyhanwood Road, Belfast (next to neighbouring Streamvale Farm), The Dog Paddock opened its gates to dog owners on Saturday, 1st June and ever since has been inundated with customers wanting to take advantage of the vast open space for their cherished pet.

Speaking about the development, owner Niall Morrow said: “When we were thinking about creating The Dog Paddock, we wanted to provide dog owners with a large private and secure space where they can take their dog and not worry about the usual distractions of spaces like public parks. We wanted to offer something different to other busy facilities which can sometimes feel overwhelming for dogs, leading to over-stimulation.

“Offering our space exclusively at The Dog Paddock means that it is the perfect option for dogs of a nervous disposition, those who struggle to interact with other dogs, have poor recall or simply, highly energetic dogs that need the space to explore without the worry of them running off and getting lost. During the pandemic, there was a sharp rise in the number of people getting puppies who didn’t get to socialise in the usual way, and now we are seeing those problem behaviours common in pandemic puppies.

“Added to issue of social interaction we know that many dogs living in an urban setting are not afforded the same opportunity for exercise as those living in rural areas, and offering a quiet, safe, and secure space where dogs can run free off the lead and just enjoy themselves is beneficial to the owners as well as the dogs. For the dog, regular exercise can reduce anxiety and stress, leading to calmer and more balanced behaviour and for the owner spending time outdoors and engaging in a physical activity with a dog can reduce stress levels and improve mood.”

The Dog Paddock has invested in fun and challenging obstacles for the dogs to enjoy and there is a picnic table for owners to sit back and enjoy the beautiful view from the Castlereagh Hills. Located just an eight-minute drive from Stormont Estate, the Dog Paddock offers a convenient and accessible option for dog owners in Belfast as well as those from further afield.

The facility is exclusive to dog owners and their dog for the allocated time slot, but dog owner friends and their dogs can be invited along with a maximum of eight dogs allowed per slot. This must be specified at the time of the booking.

Booking is now open with options for 25 or 50 minutes and can be accessed at:

For further information on The Dog Paddock visit:

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