Say Hello To Voduz’ Hair Therapy – The Delicious Secret To Luscious Locks!

Irish haircare trailblazers Voduz are poised to revolutionise your tresses with their brand new, vegan, sugar-free vitamins: Hair Therapy.

These juicy, orange-zest flavoured gummies will not only tantalise your taste buds, they’ll deliver essential nourishment to your mane.

Formulated with ingredients that are key for optimal hair heath, Biotin and Zinc, these heart-shaped wonders are the ultimate treat for your tresses. Biotin, the superstar of the B-vitamin family, fortifies your strands from within, promoting strength, resilience, and that enviable shiny lustre you’ve been yearning for. Meanwhile, Zinc, the unsung hero of haircare, supports cell growth, regulates oil production, revitalises hair follicles, and helps your scalp to stay in tip-top condition – resulting in hair that’s as vibrant and vivacious as you are.

Each little dose of Hair Therapy is vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free, boasting natural colours and flavourings. With a 30-day supply in each packet, you can pamper your locks with love every single day. Combine them with Voduz’ impressive array of multi-award-winning haircare treasures, and you’re truly in for the ultimate pre-summer mane makeover.

“We’re delighted to be launching Hair Therapy,” said Denise Phillips, co-owner of Voduz. “We wanted to formulate a supplement that’s easy and enjoyable to take, containing ingredients that work wonders for your hair’s resilience, shine, and overall health. These really tick all the boxes!” 

Ready to join the hair revolution? Head over to, or swing by your nearest retailer to snag your stash of Voduz’ Hair Therapy for €23.95/£21.99. Your hair will thank you later!

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