The Ultimate Pub Crawl Guide To Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter

Whether you go out for the atmosphere, the drinks or simply just the craic, there’s something and somewhere for everyone in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

Boasting the best pubs and bars in the city, there are over 20 to choose from, giving you the best selection right in the heart of the capital.

Can’t decide where to go? Why not take the ultimate pub crawl and see what each instalment has to offer – you can even treat yourself to a bite to eat along the way.

Use this handy guide to ensure your night goes as seamlessly as possible, stopping at every available place and not having to worry about missing a thing.

  1. Sunflower Public House

Offering live music and an iconic insight into Belfast’s social history from just a simple glance at the exterior, this relaxed pub is the perfect starting point for a drinking sprint.

Sat at the top of the Cathedral Quarter, the building has been used as a public house for over 100 years, providing historical relevance before you get too drunk to remember it.

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  1. Union Street Bar

Incorporating camp fun into your night out is a must, with Union Street Bar having entertainment on seven nights a week.

Whether you stay for the drag queens or try one of the fabulous house cocktails, you’ll be left feeling more rejuvenated than ever thanks to the uplifting atmosphere.

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  1. The Maverick

Another top spot for flamboyant fun, The Maverick has drink deals for days and promises to showcase the best talent from around Belfast.

They invite you to take a walk on the wild side as you see exactly what queer entertainment is on offer in the city.

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  1. The Reporter

One of the Cathedral Quarter’s newest residents, they provide several local products, ranging from craft beers to spirits distilled in Belfast.

The aptly named bar pays homage to the various printing and publishing sites that were once based near the now-bustling hub for drinking.

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  1. Kremlin

Arguably the cheapest spot for drinks and shots, Kremlin adds even more spice to the queer sector with its many offers and themed evenings.

From in-house DJs to celebrity appearances, you’re sure to find something intriguing and exciting within.

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  1. John Hewitt

Having opened its doors back in 1999, this established pub is still going strong and hosts live music every night of the week.

Named after poet John Hewitt, the historical nature is enough to tempt anyone in to have a pint or two.

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  1. Duke Of York

Promoting traditional Belfast craic, music and humour, the Duke Of York sits proudly with memorabilia and photos of Belfast on show inside.

Known as a celebration of the city, there’s no better place to sample the finest drinks available in Belfast and Ireland as a whole than this homey pub.

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  1. The Harp Bar

Continue your journey of cultural and historical discovery as you venture around the corner to The Harp Bar, carrying on the heritage of the original 1970’s Harp Bar.

Bringing Victorian Belfast into the modern era, the velvet walls and furnishings embed its chic and classy style.

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  1. Common Market

Switch the vibe to a more modern setting as you enter the energetic ambience within Common Market. 

Take advantage of the three bars on site, picking from the variety of beers, cocktails, spirits and wine.

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  1. 39 Gordon Street

Serving both food and drink, soak in the live music and array of culture on offer within 39 Gordon Street.

There’s never a dull moment, with plenty to treat yourself to within 39 Gordon Street.

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  1. The Black Box

Known for its wide variety of events ranging from cabaret to comedy, there is always something to enjoy. 

Stop off for a live music session and drinks before furthering your trek throughout the Cathedral Quarter.

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  1. Dirty Onion

Home to two bars and one of the biggest beer gardens in Belfast, there’s entertainment on every night for you to enjoy.

There are over 40 Irish whiskeys to try, so get a head start and see what takes your fancy.

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  1. Thirsty Goat

Just next door to the Dirty Onion, the Thirsty Goat prides itself on highlighting Irish culture, mainly the drinking culture.

Despite being one of the Cathedral Quarter’s newest arrivals, it’s already a fan-favourite, so don’t let the taxidermied goat put you off. 

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  1.  The Cloth Ear

Adding a twist to the quintessential pub, The Cloth Ear, held within The Merchant Hotel, hopes to reinstate conversational chit chat into drinking.

Marvel at the inventive list of cocktails or treat yourself to a wine straight from the keg.

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  1. The Spaniard

Tucked away in the Cathedral Quarter, this easy-to-miss bar instantly exudes cosiness with its intimate set-up, so keep your eyes peeled.

Grab a drink and make time for a chat with the locals who will have a story or two to tell, that’s for sure.

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  1. The Northern Whig

Offering a memorable drinking experience right in the heart of Belfast, The Northern Whig blends luxury, comfort and glamour.

Experience premium drinks and specialist cocktails alongside top class hospitality service. 

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  1. The National

Tackling a minimal, industrial concept within a listed building, The National is a perfect spot for socialising.

With innovative and inspiring drinks creations as well as craft beers on the menu, you’re sure to find something to your taste.

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  1. Berts Jazz Bar

Another classy instalment from within The Merchant Hotel, Berts Jazz Bar offers exactly what it says on the tin – cool jazz and swanky drinks.

Enjoy the lush arrangement of decor whilst you sit back and listen to the live jazz music being played in front of your very eyes.

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  1. Ulster Sports Club

If sports are your thing, you’re bound to love this retro sports bar, filled with everything from pool tables to pints.

Sit back, relax and take in the atmospheric sights and sounds of the bustling Ulster Sports Club.

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  1. Libertine

Dubbed as Belfast’s newest gay venue, this quirky bar hosts club nights as well as the occasional drag star.

If karaoke and cabaret is your thing, you’ll be lost for words as you enter the world of Libertine.

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  1. McHugh’s

Offering great food, great drink and great craic, McHugh’s is set to put a smile on your face in the traditional Belfast way.

Having survived since 1711, it’s the longest standing building in the city, and if you make it this far then you’re sure to be tackling the longest standing pub crawl.

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  1. Bittles Bar

Last but certainly not least, you can’t have a pub crawl without including the famously historic and eclectic Bittles Bar.

A Belfast landmark in its own right, finish your adventurous evening with an instalment of Irish culture.

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