Volunteer Now Gets A Boost From Soft Drinks Company Boost

As part of its new brand campaign, There’s a BOOST for That, Boost Drinks has joined forces with Volunteer Now to help encourage people to volunteer for community projects, sporting and music events, taking place across Northern Ireland this year.

Volunteer Now is the voice of volunteering in Northern Ireland and helps make it easy, accessible and rewarding for people to volunteer in any way they can.

“From the get-go, it was obvious that our relationship with Volunteer Now was going to enable us to do some truly meaningful work”, said Amy Ankrah, Brand Manager, Boost Drinks. “Northern Ireland is home to an impressive community of volunteers but there can always be more and Volunteer Now has highlighted a definite gap for people aged 24 – 35 to get more involved.  That age group is our core audience, so, in the true spirit of our campaign, There’s a BOOST for That, we are stepping in to lend our support.” 

Speaking about the partnership, Denise Hayward, CEO of Volunteer Now said:

“There are so many different types of volunteering opportunities in Northern Ireland that we really have something to offer everyone. Boost is one of Northern Ireland’s top soft drinks brands and we are delighted to have joined forces with them to raise awareness of the power of volunteers.

“Volunteering has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health.  It gives people the chance to do something that makes a difference to their community and is hugely rewarding. Ultimately, volunteering changes lives and we hope this partnership helps change many more,” said Denise.

There’s a BOOST for That campaign marks a strategic repositioning for the Boost Drinks range, continued Amy.

“We offer a range of BOOST drinks designed to help you get through your day – whether your day’s hilarious or humdrum, unforgettable or just get-through-able, every moment’s made better, with a BOOST. Our portfolio means we can energise, provide a caffeine hit and revive and refresh with a sports drink, hitting some of life’s key touch points. Proving that there really is a BOOST to get you through your day.”

The collaboration with Volunteer Now forms part of Boost Drinks new campaign, There’s a BOOST For That, which aims to provide people with a soft drinks solution for their everyday needs. Amy said: “BOOST drinkers live life to the full and try to get the most out of every day. They are naturally optimistic, can-do people so we just know they will be up for volunteering!”

Amy continued: “Trying to fit everything in is exciting but it can be a daily challenge and that’s where our campaign, There’s a BOOST for That comes in – our new visuals are going to call out those moments of need in a fun and relevant way.

“We also have exciting plans to extend our range this year, with a new limited edition BOOST Sport Flavour, Watermelon & Lime already selling out in some outlets.  And prompted by huge demand, we have just launched two new Sugar Free flavours to complement our Sugar Free Original, Sugar Free Apple and Raspberry and Sugar Free Tropical Blitz.

“We’ve also refreshed the look of our entire range to ensure BOOST products look contemporary and appealing in stores.  Our delicious Iced Coffee range has also received a total makeover – a brand new look but the same great taste and made with real milk.”

Amy concluded: “We have a golden opportunity on our hands to get hundreds more volunteers to help Volunteer Now carry out its incredible work here and we intend to go after it! Need some volunteers for your event … There’s a BOOST for That!”

To find out more about Boost Drinks, please visit www.boostdrinks.com/.

For a list of volunteering opportunities visit www.volunteernow.co.uk and sign up now.

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