Revolutionary Matcha Hair Oil for Stronger, Healthier Hair

REHAB. has unveiled its latest innovation this May: the Dose 0 Matcha Hair Oil. Promising to revolutionise hair care routines, this £26 scalp treatment is a game-changer for those seeking stronger, fuller, and healthier-looking locks.

At the heart of this groundbreaking product lies matcha, celebrated for its antioxidant-rich properties that shield hair follicles from damage. Beyond protection, matcha enhances scalp circulation, potentially curbing hair loss while encouraging new growth. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics further alleviate irritation and regulate dandruff and excess oil.

For optimal results, REHAB. recommends incorporating their NEW Oiling Comb (£16) into your routine before applying the matcha-infused oil directly to the scalp. This process not only ensures thorough absorption but also stimulates follicles, priming them to absorb the oil’s nutrient-rich formula.

Co-founded by Vicky Ellis and Anastasia Muca, REHAB. embodies a commitment to revitalising tired hair with eco-conscious alternatives. With Dose 0 Matcha Hair Oil, they offer a potent solution for hair health, promising to transform strands from root to tip.

REHAB. Dose 0 Matcha Hair Oil (£26) and Oiling Comb (£16) are available now from

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